Our next VESTRY MEETING & ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING  (APCM) was held on PALM SUNDAY 10th April 2022 at 11:30am (in Church).

If you are not already we encourage you to join our Church Electoral Roll which then allows you to participate in future Annual Meetings and stand to be elected to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and other roles in the Church community. Once a member of the roll you are also entitled to apply for a TASIS Car Parking permit.  

What Is The Church Electoral Roll? 

Thorpe, like every Church of England Parish has a register of electors; it is the list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting where the elections take place for:

a. the parochial church council
b. the parish’s representatives on the deanery synod

Any person entitled to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting may raise any question of parochial or general church interest. By enrolling you become a voting member of the Church of England and so help to ensure that all the Synodical councils of the Church – St Mary's Thorpe Parochial Church Council, Runnymede Deanery Synod, Guildford Diocesan Synod, and the General Synod of the Church of England– are fully representative of its members. Synodical government gives an opportunity for partnerships between bishops, clergy and laity in the life of the Church. The system is intended to enable church people at every level to be in touch with the Church as a whole and to play their part in decision making. The system is also intended to ensure that the laity have their place in every aspect of church life, including its doctrine and services.

Members of St Mary's Church Electoral Roll are encouraged to commit to regular planned financial giving to support the ongoing mission and life of the Church family, and to participate fully in the worship and witness of the Church here in Thorpe and beyond. To apply to become a member of St Mary's Church Electoral Roll you must be:

  • resident within the Parish of Thorpe  or

  • a regular worshipper (that means having attended worship at least monthly for six consecutive months)

If you qualify and would like to become a member of St Mary's Church Electoral Roll, please complete both sides of the Electoral Roll Application Form and return it to the Parish Office. Please note: A complete renewal of the Roll is required every six years (last one completed in March 2019). At this stage every member of the old roll will be contacted by letter and will need to reapply for the new Roll should they wish. This year a more simple revision (update) of the Roll will take place. Applications to the Roll were considered at the PCC meeting held on Monday 21st March, in advance of the Vestry & APCM held on Palm Sunday 10th April 2022.


The next PCC will be held on Monday 16th May 2022, 7:30pm in the Rutherwyke Room, following the Eucharist held in Church at 7pm. 

Results from APCM 2022 - Parish of Thorpe, St Mary’s              Charity No: 1176929



Churchwardens (2 of 2 places available): Mr Barry Huxley & Mr Peter Gruncell

Deputy Churchwardens (8 of 8 places available): Mrs Jill Collinson, Mrs Helen Cunningham, Mrs Bev Germany, Margaret Harnden, Mrs Deborah Kidd, Mrs Margaret Roberts, Mrs Kim Stangroom & Mrs Susi Thornton.

Lay Members of Runnymede Deanery Synod (3 of 3 places available): Mrs Claire Cobbold (Electoral Roll Officer), Mrs Catherine Wareham & Mrs Mary Morris (Thorpe Parish & Runnymede Deanery Safeguarding Officer).

Six elected members of Thorpe Parochial Church Council (PCC): Mrs Jenny Bright (Chair of Social Committee),  Mrs Margaret Harnden (Thorpe Together editor), Mrs Allison Kelly (PCC Secretary), Mrs Diana Lees, Mrs Susi Thornton & Mr Andrew West (Parish Treasurer & Sacristan).

Ex-officio of the PCC: The Revd Damian Harrison-Miles (Vicar & PCC Chair), The Revd Gerard Mee (Assistant Priest), The Revd Jo Winn-Smith (Curate) & Mrs Helen Southgate (Headteacher Thorpe Primary), Mrs Petra Hudson (Eco Church) and all 3 Deanery Synod Representatives.

The Electoral Roll stood at 121. The PCC meets six times a year on the third Monday of September, November, January, March, May & July. 


If you would like to join our Church Electoral Roll (membership) then

please complete the application form and return it to:

St Mary's Church Office, St Mary's Church, Thorpe

Church Approach, Thorpe Village, Surrey, TW20 8TQ.

VIDEO OF APCM 2022. Click on the arrow to PLAY.

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