Our next VESTRY MEETING & ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETING  (APCM) was held on SUNDAY 9th MAY 2021 at 11:30am (in Church & Via Zoom).

Results from APCM 2021 - Parish of Thorpe, St Mary’s              Charity No: 1176929



Churchwardens (2 of 2 places available): Mr Barry Huxley & Mr Peter Gruncell

Deputy Churchwardens (8 of 8 places available): Mrs Jill Collinson, Mrs Helen Cunningham, Mrs Bev Germany, Margaret Harnden, Mrs Deborah Kidd, Mrs Jane Lowe, Mrs Margaret Roberts & Mrs Susi Thornton.

Lay Members of Runnymede Deanery Synod (3 of 3 places available): Mrs Claire Cobbold, Mrs Catherine Wareham

& Mrs Mary Morris (Thorpe Parish & Runnymede Deanery Safeguarding Officer).

Nine members of Thorpe Parochial Church Council (PCC): Mrs Sarah Bolton (Electoral Roll Officer), Mrs Jenny Bright (Chair of Social Committee), Mr Andrew Falconer (Stewardship Officer), Mrs Margaret Harnden (Thorpe Together editor), Mrs Allison Kelly (PCC Secretary), Mrs Deborah Kidd, Mrs Bev Germany, Mrs Susi Thornton & Mr Andrew West (Parish Treasurer & Sacristan).

Ex-officio of the PCC: The Revd Damian Harrison-Miles (Vicar & PCC Chair), The Revd Gerard Mee (Assistant Priest), The Revd Jo Winn-Smith (Curate) & Mrs Helen Southgate (Headteacher Thorpe Primary) and all 3 Deanery Synod Representatives.

The Electoral Roll stands at 119. The PCC meets six times a year on the third Monday of September, November, January, March, May & July. 

Our Next PCC meeting will be held via Zoom on: Monday 17th May 2021 at 7:30pm, following the Eucharist at 7pm. (via Facebook Live).

Summary notes from the meeting and various discussion points:

1. Mrs Mary Morris is the new Parish Administrator and will be in the Church Office on a Wednesday morning.

2. When writing a cheque please only use: THORPE PCC.  

3. No appointment of ‘banker’ made as account with Barclays is to be reviewed considering branch closures.

4. The Parish Share request next year is expected to increase by more than 6K. Possibly higher.

5. During 2021, the PCC are progressing projects to bring the electrical installation up to standard, enhance the sound system with new visual displays in Church, resurface Church Approach outside the Lych gate (with TASIS support) and progress the Patio Project to completion. A grant has been requested from Marshalls Charity.

6. We intend to re-start Noah’s Ark / Faith & Fun groups by September and may apply for a Deanery Mission grant.

7. The PCC is committed to retaining a working Pipe Organ and funds

are being set aside for works in due course.

8. The congregation are asked to ‘share their faith’ as we seek to grow our

congregations further this year. A 'bring along' event is being planned. 

9. Thorpe Parish has been re-classified by the CofE as one of the

wealthiest in England, see www.cuf.org.uk counter Runnymede BC

data which shows otherwise. Further investigation is needed here.


If you would like to join our Church Electoral Roll (membership) then

please complete the application form and return it to:

St Mary's Church Office, St Mary's Church, Thorpe

Church Approach, Thorpe Village, Surrey, TW20 8TQ.

Previous report and accounts for 2019:

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