Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Introduction and Call to Worship We gather to worship the God who is our loving Father, our living Saviour and the Spirit of our lives. We pray with the words that Jesus taught us, “Our father who art in heaven!” Today's Readings First Reading Genesis 18: 20-32 Abraham approaches God and questions if the righteous will be killed with the wicked? God hears his plea to spare the whole people, as long as they are righteous. Second Reading Colossians 2:6-15 [16-19] God has forgiven us our trespasses on the cross and given us new life in Christ. Gospel Luke 11:1-13 In the Lord’s Prayer we confidently ask God’s forgiveness, promising to forgive others and Jesus stresses the need to be persistent i

Fifth Sunday after Trinity

Introduction and Call to Worship We lay aside our work and worries that can distract us from being close to Jesus, as we long to draw closer to Him with quiet minds and open hearts listening to His Word and receiving him in the joy of his Holy Sacrament, his presence with us. Today’s Readings First Reading Genesis 18:1-10a Abraham offers hospitality to three strangers. They do not disclose their angelic identity but declare that Abraham’s wife Sarah will have a son – a seeming impossibility for this ageing, barren couple. Second Reading Colossians 1:15-28 Paul, the Gospel’s servant, proclaims Christ’s supremacy over the cosmos as creator, ruler and redeemer. He urges Christians to res
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