Bible Sunday

First Reading Isaiah 45:22-25 Second Reading Romans 15:1-6 Gospel Luke 4:16-24 HOMILY Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing. (Luke 4:21) Indulge me: Close your eyes – and imagine… It’s the Sabbath, you’ve had a busy week, the usual normality of life – work, family, household tasks. Dealing with people, buying provisions at market, maybe some annoying paperwork or a business misunderstanding. But the week has played out its days and it’s the day of rest. A different day. A day where you can stop, put it all down. Reflect a little, be with those you love and spend time with people, in community. Fulfil your obligations, maybe try to pray a little and hear God, if God can r

Harvest Festival

Introduction and Call to Worship Let us rejoice today in the good news that God is with us and blesses us with many gifts in creation that we may raise a rich harvest – both in terms of food to eat but God’s love to sustain us. Today’s Readings First Reading Deuteronomy 26.1–11 Moses encourages the Israelites in his concluding plea – blessing comes through obedience to God’s Word. God remains faithful. Second Reading Philippians 4.4–9 Rejoice! Paul, in prison and facing a death sentence, can still proclaim rejoice because his faith is strong. In everything he reminds us to give thanks to God and to model our Christian identity on Jesus, our Lord. Gospel John 6.25–35 The crowd tracks
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