Christ the King

Introduction and Call to Worship Jesus our Lord calls us to be a part of his Kingdom, that we may seek first God’s values for our hearts and lives. Let us come before God in worship, praise and thanksgiving, praying for that Kingdom to break here among us. Today’s Readings First Reading Jeremiah 23:1-6 The prophet declares God’s denunciation of the false shepherds of Israel who scatter and destroy the sheep. God will raise up true shepherds for the people and a king who will rule with God’s justice and righteousness. Second Reading Colossians 1:11-20 The author prays that the Colossian Christians may know the strength of God’s power and that they may live their lives in joyful gratitud

Fourth Sunday before Advent

Introduction and Call to Worship Today’s readings offer a reminder that God is more interested in integrity than in superficial displays of faith. Each of us has the potential for generosity, kindness and justice – the values of His Kingdom. Today’s Readings First Reading Isaiah 1:10-18 The prophet sets out God’s priorities for the people: worship is meaningless without justice for those who are poor. Second Reading 2 Thessalonians 1 The Christians of Thessalonica are suffering persecution but, even in dark times, they are capable of love and faith. Ultimately, God will bring justice. Gospel Luke 19:1-10 Although he is despised as a sinner by his neighbours, Zacchaeus finds favour w

All Saints' Day

Introduction and Call to Worship On this All Saints’ Day we give thanks for all those who have served God faithfully in the name of Jesus Christ – a great crowd of witness to the glory of God – and we are invited to follow their example of faith. Today’s Readings First Reading Daniel 7:1-3. 15-18 Daniel’s vision is revealed as foretelling a troubled future for a world ruled by violence but promising an everlasting kingdom for God’s “holy ones”. Second Reading Ephesians 1:11-end Christians, the body of Christ in this world, need the Spirit’s gifts of wisdom and revelation to recognise God’s power and inherit eternal glory. Gospel Luke 6:20-31 Jesus urges us to treat others as we would
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