First Sunday of Christmas

Introduction and Call to Worship As our Christmas celebrations continue, we hear how God keeps Jesus safe from the threat of Herod until Herod himself has died. Together let us proclaim the gracious deeds of the Lord who delivers his people from the slavery of sin. Today’s Readings First Reading Isaiah 63:7-9 The prophet speaks of God’s love and compassion towards his people, Israel, and how he has saved them in times of distress. Second Reading Hebrews 2:10-18 We hear that Jesus can identify with us, his brothers and sisters, because he has shared our humanity. He can help us because he understands us and came to bring reconciliation between us and God, our heavenly Father. Gospel Ma

Third Sunday of Advent

Introduction and Call to Worship Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and all who suffer. He calls to our very hearts to prepare to greet him once more. So be open to worship the Lord, who meets us here in broken bread and wine outpoured – our salvation! Today’s Readings First Reading Isaiah 35:1-10 Isaiah speaks of a time when God will come in judgement, but will also bring great joy, healing and salvation to the people. Second Reading James 5:7-10 James urges his readers, and us, to prepare for the day when the Lord will come again, as foretold by the prophets. Gospel Matthew 11:2-11 John the Baptist, now in prison, seeks reassurance from Jesus that he is indeed God’s chosen o

Second Sunday of Advent

Introduction and Call to Worship The theme of anticipation continues this Advent season as we believe that Christ will return again, that he will come in glory to judge the living and the dead. Our worship inspires us to draw near to Jesus, to receive his presence in the Eucharist and share his love through our fellowship and Winter Wonderland later today! Today’s Readings First Reading Isaiah 11:1-10 The Jews had suffered greatly at the hands of foreign powers and ungodly leadership, but now God declares that better things will come out of these most unpromising of circumstances. Second Reading Romans 15:4-13 Paul has been encouraging the Roman Christians to think not only about thems

Advent Sunday

Introduction and Call to Worship As we move into Advent, let us take time in our worship today to think and pray about what it means to prepare to meet our Saviour, the greatest gift of God to the world. Today’s Readings First Reading Isaiah 2:1-5 A vision of all the nations streaming to the Lord’s house, and of peace reigning. Second Reading Romans 13:11-end This is the moment to wake from sleep, for salvation is nearer to us now than ever. So, let us live well, in the Lord Jesus Christ. Gospel Matthew 24:36-44 Matthew looks back to the time of Noah, when the terrible flood took people with little warning. So, it will be when the Son of Man returns. HOMILY “About that day and hour no on
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