EMMAUS at St Mary's Church Thorpe

Every Tuesday at 7pm & Wednesday at 11am
From Tuesday 5 May for 12 weeks ONLINE at https://www.facebook.com/StMarysChurchThorpe

Would you like to know more about the Church or about Christian faith and beliefs?
Would you like to renew your commitment in faith? 

Would you like to explore themes of faith, forgiveness, love and much more?
Would you like to be ‘Baptised’ and ‘Confirmed’?

Welcome to the journey...Welcome to EMMAUS 2020

At St Mary’s Church Thorpe, we run the Emmaus programme, which is more than just a course, it’s a complete view of Christian life and growth as we explore together key themes of faith, theology and belief. 

The Emmaus programme is designed to introduce people to the Christian faith while also developing the faith of existing Christians. It takes its roots from the disciples’ encounter with Jesus on the Emmaus Road as recorded in the Gospel according to Luke Chapter 24, when the Risen Lord meets some of the disciples as they walk along. 


Whether you are new to the Christian faith, or you already have an established faith, join in and be a part of this journey. If you simply want to find out about the Christian faith without any pressure to commit, that’s fine too. Emmaus offers a path that you can follow towards a greater understanding of Christianity in the 21st Century. Hopefully it will allow you to have your own encounter with God and to develop your own faith. It also allows room for discussion and debate as we learn from each other along the way. 

Our Emmaus journey, online (due to social distancing rules) is about us all coming together via social media to support one another, whether we are new to the Christian faith, already walking along a spiritual path, or growing as we explore discipleship and faith in more depth. The 'talk' and handouts will be available on this page to download each week. We also hope people will join our Emmaus group on our Facebook page where we can interact during each presentation, share thoughts, ideas and questions. As the course progresses we plan to include some Zoom sessions. We hope that in time we may even be able to meet together, when it is considered safer to do so. We will keep this page updated as we know more! 

The Structure

As we find the way together we will explore the basics of the Christian Faith over 12 sessions (would have been held in the Rutherwyke Room, behind St Mary’s Church, but now online here and on our facebook page!) This includes presentations, group discussion and for those who would like, prayer/reflection time.  Confidentiality is important; what we share in the groups we hope will remain private and everyone is welcome to the discussion. 


We plan to run our course this on a Tuesday evening from 7– 8.30pm and Wednesday daytime from 11am-12.30pm. (And don’t worry if you can’t make one or two sessions. Just participate in as much as you can.)


ONLINE: https://www.facebook.com/StMarysChurchThorpe. Follow this link:

More Information:

If you would like to talk about more about Emmaus, then contact our Vicar Father Damian on 01932 565986.

St Mary’s EMMAUS Journey Dates & Session Themes 2020




Session 4

26 & 27 May

The Holy Spirit

Session 8

23 & 24 June

The Church

The inclusive community of faith and family

Session 12

21 & 22 July

Heaven, life after death, forgiveness and grief.

Session 1

5 & 6 May

How do we know God?

Session 5

2 & 3 June

Living the Christian Life / becoming a Christian. 

Session 9

30 June & 1 July

Prayer & our relationship with God; living out our faith today

Final Session

28 & 29 July

Possible additional session or social / meeting. More details to follow!

Session 2

12 & 13 May

Jesus - his life and ministry

Session 6

9 & 10 June

Prayer & our relationship with God; living out our faith today

Session 10

7 & 8 July

Discipleship - serving the Lord & Living His way!



Date & TBA

Session 3

19 & 20 May

Knowing Jesus and his sacrifice - the Cross and Resurrection. 

Session 7

16 & 17 June

The Bible and why God’s Word is important to Christians

Session 11

14 & 15 July

Relationships, sexuality, love, time and money.

Week 1 - Does God exist?
Week 3 - Jesus death and Resurrection.
Week 5 - Living as a Christian
Week 7 - The Bible
Week 2 - Who is Jesus?
Week 4 - The Holy Spirit.
Week 6 - Prayer
Week 8 - The Church
Week 9 - Holy Communion
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