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What's the Big Emergency?

In October 2018, a UN paper set out the clear scientific need to keep global heating below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Since then, the need to quickly decarbonize our economies, homes, industries and lifestyles has become an emergency. People are dying daily from the effects of the climate crisis in the Global South, and increasingly around the world. Social Justice is part of our faith, and we must not pass by on the other side.

Guildford Diocesan Synod responded to the Climate Emergency by accepting the goal of reaching Net Zero by 2030. Locally, Thorpe PCC have been working at reducing our carbon emissions drastically. We use only green electricity and have fitted the most efficient boilers for our heating. We are also investing in technology to reduce further our carbon footprint and have achieved a Silver Eco Church award. But we recognise we need to go much further, and we are all in this together, as we set our sights on Net Zero.

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The Bishops of Guildford and Dorking, Andrew Watson and Jo Bailey Wells, have joined forces with other organisations in declaring a climate emergency. They have pledged to follow ​seven climate-care commitments: 

“Transformation is needed in all our lives, and in industries and establishments across the world, to keep the rise in temperature of the planet to less than two degrees Celsius. As Christians we need lift our voices to join with the growing environmental movement - to tell the truth about the climate catastrophe, to repent of the behaviours that has caused this emergency, and to prioritise this ministry as an act of sacrificial love to all people, including those yet to be born.”  


Bishop Andrew and Bishop Jo’s climate-care commitments are to: 

  • Switch to a clean energy provider 

  • Use cars less – committing to car-share, cycle or walk at least once every week 

  • Cut down on meat, especially red meat

  • Grow as much fruit and veg as possible 

  • Reuse all plastic bags and avoid disposable products 

  • Use heating as sparingly as possible and never to use a tumble dryer  

  • Give regularly to charitable organisations that strive to safeguard God’s creation 

What are you doing to help tackle the climate emergency?