Thorpe Church of England Aided Primary School

School Vision

To provide a school where everyone will achieve academic and individual excellence, inspired by faith and love. We will provide a dynamic, exciting education for all, taught by confident, creative teachers, who understand each child in their class. Our children will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to live fulfilling lives.

Foundation Governors – appointed by Guildford Diocese and St Mary’s Parochial Church Council:
Mr Eric Peacock & Mrs Margaret Roberts
Mr David James
Mrs Margaret Harnden
Mrs Margaret Alderson
Mrs Louise Hales

1 vacancy at October 2018

As part of our commitment to work together the Headteacher is co-opted onto Thorpe Parochial Church Council and regularly updates the PCC on Thorpe School activities.  

Admissions Policy - Regular worshipper at

St Mary's Church, Thorpe

The Vicar is often asked to sign this form, but can only do so if the criteria have been fully met. The admission policy requires at least one parent and the child worshipping at St Mary’s Church Thorpe at least once a month over a period of at least six months preceding the date of application. The adult is requited to sign-in on the welcome desk at St Mary's every visit to worship as evidence of meeting this criteria. Once this criteria has been met a supplementary Information Form should be completed. These can be found from the school website - follow link above - or are available from the school office. 

At Thorpe Church of England Primary School, families will discover an outstanding education that embraces excellence within the wider framework of spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development that enables their children to flourish. We want children to leave school with a rich experience and understanding of Christianity, and we are committed to offering them an encounter with Jesus Christ and with Christian faith and practice in a way which enhances their lives.