Stewardship, Donations & Legacies

St Mary’s Church Thorpe relies entirely on donations and giving to support our work and for the upkeep of our buildings and grounds. We are most grateful to everyone who supports St Mary’s Church with financial gifts, regular giving, fundraising and also to those who support with their time and talents.

Regular giving to the church is an integral part of Christian discipleship. One way to fulfil our  commitment to God is the support of St Mary's financially by joining our Planned Giving with a regular monthly donation by standing order or weekly green envelope - both of which can be Gift Aided.
This planned approach enables St Mary's Parochial Church Council (PCC) to budget effectively as we seek to cover our £3000 weekly costs of ministry (including the Parish share contribution), shared costs and church running costs including maintenance of our historic medieval church building.
(Our Bank details are available upon request or pick up a standing order form from the church. You need to set this up directly with your bank / online).
Your financial gift will help St Mary’s Church meet increasing Parish Share – our share in the cost of the wider Diocese of Guildford and ministry of the Church of England in Thorpe and beyond.
For Thorpe this contribution will rise every year over the coming five years:
2023 = £63,281 & 2024 = £69,987.
To help you work out how much you could contribute towards supporting this challenge we are asking everyone to consider Proportional Giving - an amount based on your income. We are also asking everyone to consider adding a  Legacy to their will to help support St Mary's well into the future.
Together, as the family of faith, there is no challenge that we can't overcome if our focus and desire is the building-up of God's Kingdom and the offering of the very best of who we are in worship - and how exciting that really is!
Thank you for all that you bring to this community and we hope very much that you will be able to be more involved over time and enjoy our life together. God is busy in Thorpe bringing about His kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven – be a part of the journey!
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Contact our Parish Office if you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of our team.


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